Co Lab

Job Description

Are you passionate about helping incredible people get even more out of themselves and their teams? Are you energized by connecting people into partnerships that will unlock new areas for growth for them? Do you want to work in a team that lets you live and work anywhere in the world, earn USD and be part of a team of high energy, high integrity, intelligent and deeply passionate collaborators? We would love to hear from you!

At Co Lab we pair the management teams of the world's fastest growing companies with the best executive coaches and trainers in the world to accelerate the company's leadership and operations. Our collaborators work with companies like Plaid, Clearbanc, Notion, Segment, and many more!

Our team is focused on helping clients find the best leadership and operations focused executive coaches and trainers for them, and helping those coaches and trainers focus only on the part of their work that they love the most: helping those management teams outpace the growth of their companies.

We are looking for a special individual who is energized by matching incredible people together in powerful partnerships, and helping those partnerships thrive. This person always wants to be growing and learning, is well organized and enjoys seeking better ways to systemize and optimize their work.

If you’re a self-starter with an entrepreneurial spirit, you’ll fit right in. We’ve got an incredible opportunity in front of us, a world class group of collaborators, and we need someone else to help us get there.

Key Responsibilites:

  • Help clients understand the opportunity unlocked by leadership and operational coaching and training, and partner clients with our Co Lab coaches and trainers.
  • Welcome our customers and manage their account end-to-end, including answering any questions that they raise, relaying invoicing issues/questions and account questions to our finance team.
  • Supporting the Co Lab coaches and trainers to develop their profiles and keep those profiles up to date.
  • Partner with the team to increase scalability, efficiency, and automation of the processes of onboarding and developing the partnerships between clients and the Co Lab coaches and trainers.

Need to have:

Phenomenal people reading and matching skills

  • Exceptional skill at seeing people's whole self, and facilitating partnerships between individuals for spoken and unspoken needs.

High Standards

  • Hold yourself to high standards to achieve the best you can in your focus areas.

Excellent Operational Skills

  • Exceptional at building systems and processes to get tasks done on time, and on target. You take pride in building processes that achieve high performance and that can achieve the scale envisioned.

Excellent Communication Skills

  • High skill in communicating what you mean, and delivering your message through written, visual and verbal communication.

Organization and planning

  • Enjoy having things organized and planned ahead, to allow us to be spontaneous and responsive to opportunities without missing the important things.


  • Fast learner with a desire to absorb new information and learn how to run a business end-to-end.

Nice to Have

Truthful and Direct

  • Say what you mean, seek to be transparent and show respect to your colleagues and stakeholders by sharing your perspective with them.

Teamwork makes the dream work

  • Life is better when it is shared, and we go further together.

Follow through

  • Do what you say, or renegotiate if the goal is no longer achievable or makes sense.

Seek greatness

  • Seek excellence in what you chase.

Have a laugh

  • Don't take yourself too seriously - life is funnest while laughing.